Differences Between Supported Browsers

You may encounter differences in the test results and in the test run when replaying on a browser different than the one you recorded the script on.

Note: TruClient Lite supports only the Chrome browser.

The following table describes features that have limitations in one or more of the browsers.




Internet Explorer

Browser description

Description of each browser type.

Open-source Web browser developed for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Chromium is an open-source Web browser project from which Google Chrome draws it source code.

Note: Chromium is not supported on Windows 32 bit OS

Chromium source code on Github

Request Chromium source from the TruClient team

Browser developed for Microsoft Windows.

Browser version Firefox 40.03 Chromium 55 Internet Explorer 10, 11
Client certificates

Manually attach client certificates

Manually attach client certificates

HPE Network Virtualization reports integration

If you have Network Virtualization installed and you replay a script in VuGen load mode, a HAR file is created. The pathname is <result path>/<group name>_<vuser ID>/<group name>_<vuser ID>.har.

The HTTP Archive report can be viewed in Network Virtualization.

The HTTP Archive report can be viewed in Network Virtualization.

The HTTP Archive report can be viewed in Network Virtualization.

HPE Network Virtualization emulation integration

Configure a WAN profile on the group in the Controller.

HPE Diagnostics integration

Enables server side diagnostics for J2EE and .Net applications.

IP spoofing

Enables to mimic multiple IP addresses from the same load generator.

Modify preferences

Edit applications settings (preferences) that are read from the profile files, prefs.js and user.js, and from application defaults

  1. Open a Firefox script in Develop Script mode
  2. Enter about:config in the browser address bar.
  3. Acknowledge the warning.
  4. Search for the preference name you want to edit and modify the value.
  5. Save the script and verify that the user_modified_perfs.json was created or modified.

Note: Do not modify TC* or TruClient related settings as these changes are ignored.

SSL Connections

Report the number of open SSL connections.

Firefox version 33 and above no longer reports SSL connection count as a data point.

Chromium does not expose the number of open SSL connections.

Responsive design based application

Applications render differently based on screen resolution settings.

This behavior is particularly observed when running the application under a service account (session 0) which has a dedicated desktop with a smaller screen resolution.

Enable Run-Time Settings > Load settings > Other > Browser specific settings > Firefox settings > Run AUT using recorded window size

Verify PDF Step

Verify the content of a PDF document during script execution.

Record snapshots

Snapshots generated during the recording of a script.

Modem speed emulation




Not supported

Partially supported

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