What's New in TruClient 12.55

This new TruClient version includes the following new features, enhancements, and usability improvements.


  • To upgrade, you need to first uninstall TruClient using the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility, then install the new version.

  • If you have enabled Internet Explorer Cache simulation, you must disable it before uninstalling TruClient. See TruClient Browser for Internet Explorer.

  • TruClient standalone cannot be installed on a machine with other LoadRunner components, apart from the Analysis component.

General improvements

  • TruClient includes multiple record and replay enhancements, improving object recognition and handling, and making the record and replay process more robust and efficient. This includes better automated end event heuristics, and improved drag and drop support.

  • Improved ability to record SAPUI5 applications, so that recording is now supported with all browsers and with greater usability.

  • The UI is improved, providing better performance, especially when working with large scripts.

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Convert TruClient actions to code

You can now convert TruClient actions to code. This enables you to take advantage of fast script development and processing available with TruClient when you create a script. You can then convert selected actions to code, making it easier to add complex logic and customized functions to the script. See Convert TruClient Actions to Code.

Click to see how this is done.

Note: The TruClient actions to code feature is provided as a tech preview version.

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Object identification

We've made the following enhancements to object identification:

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Interactive script development

We've enhanced interactive script development in the following areas:

  • Added option to select whether a Wait step is included in Think Time in transactions. For details, see Insert Wait steps.

  • The new Play Until This Step option enables script replay to stop before a selected step. For details, see Context Menu.

  • Ability to automatically populate the Global Watch panel (Inspector Panel) with the variables used. For details, see Insert toggle breakpoints.

  • Support for non-standard upload of files to your script. For details, see Non-standard upload of files.

  • Ability to disable creating alternative steps. For details, see Use alternative steps.

  • Ability to control the step level during recording. For details, see Interactive Options.

  • Added "Milliseconds" argument to the wait step interval.

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We've introduced new APIs:

  • New AUT (Application Under Test) API for common access to the AUT.window and AUT.document objects. For details, see Using JavaScript in the AUT Window.

  • Support for additional network end event filtering and logging APIs. For details, seeTruClient Functions.

  • Support for JavaScript regular expression as the first URL parameter in the Utils.addAutoFilter API. For details, see TruClient Functions.

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TruClient Lite

TruClient Lite now includes the ability to import client-side certificate files using the Download Certificate Generator tool. For details, see The Scripts Management Dialog.

TruClient Lite is an extension to the Chrome browser that uses your local installation of Chrome to develop scripts. TruClient Lite is available from the Chrome web store.

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Browser version support

We've added support and made improvements as follows:

  • Chromium 55

TruClient Internet Explorer:

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TruClient Native Mobile protocol

The enhanced TruClient Native Mobile protocol now includes support for hybrid and multiple applications, new steps and General Settings, and more. For more details, see the Mobile Center Help Center.

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TruClient Standalone

TruClient Standalone includes various usability improvements and fixes, including the ability to create scripts independent of a VuGen installation. For details, see TruClient Standalone Launcher.

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Integration with Network Virtualization

Client-side breakdown data for TruClient scripts (added to the HTTP Waterfall report), providing links between the client activities and network traffic. Steps, events, pages, and snapshots are now displayed also in the NV Insights report. For details, see the NV Insights Report in the Network Virtualization Help.

You can create the report in VuGen and Controller. For details, see NV Insights Report in the VuGen Help Center and NV Insights Report in the LoadRunner Help Center.

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