TruClient General Settings

This dialog box enables you to set many options that affect the browser as you develop your scripts in interactive mode.

Click the General Settings icon to display the dialog box.

Tab Description
Browser setting

This tab enables you to configure settings for the TruClient browser for scripts that you run in interactive mode.

Settings that you modify in the Browsing Settings tab affect interactive mode only and apply to all TruClient scripts. When you save your script in interactive mode, any settings that you modified in the Browsing Settings tab are applied to the Load Mode Browser settings.

Interactive Options
Replay and debug settings for interactive mode.
Run-time settings

Settings for load mode. The Number of Iterations and all of the Replay settings apply also to the interactive mode.

Client certificates

Manually attach client certificate.

Note: For TruClient Mobile scripts, Client certificates can be found under the Encryption tab.

Server exceptions

For scripts recorded in Firefox, you can add a server exception to prevent the Security Exception dialog pop-up.

Location. Specify the server URL with the https:// prefix.

Note: For TruClient Mobile scripts, Server Exceptions can be found under the Encryption tab.

Mobile Center Settings

General settings for TruClient-Native Mobile scripts. These settings include:

  • Server connection. Define your connection to the Mobile Center server.

    To verify that you can connect to the server, click the button.

  • Data collection. Define which metrics to collect during a run.
  • Application settings. Define how to handle application loading.
  • Network Virtualization. Enable network virtualization.
  • Transactions. Extend the transaction name.

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