Client Certificates

When recording a script in Internet Explorer, the client certificate is automatically attached to the script folder. You can verify it by making sure that a CC.pfx file was created in the script folder.

If the automatic export failed during recording, or recording was performed using Firefox or Chromium, you can manually attach the client certificate to the script folder by clicking .

Troubleshoot certificate issues

If you fail to attach the certificate or you still experiencing certificate errors, the following steps might help you resolve attachment errors:

  1. Install the certificate in the personal store.

    Windows > Control panel > manage certificates

  2. Verify that the private key is exportable.

    Right click the certificate file. Select Tasks > Export. Click Next.

  3. Attach the certificate.

    Select TruClient > General Settings > Client Certificate and then click the button.

For further information, see Manage Certificates

Note: Firefox may still throw a security exception error during replay and you will need to add a security exception.

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