What's New - TruClient

To upgrade, you need to first uninstall TruClient using the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility, then install the new version.

If you have enabled Internet Explorer Cache simulation, you must disable it before uninstalling TruClient. SeeTruClient Browser for Internet Explorer

Note: TruClient standalone cannot be installed on a machine with other LoadRunner components, apart from the Analysis component

TruClient Lite

This new edition of TruClient features:

  • Browser-based edition with a light, quick installation.
  • Can be used on MAC OS.
  • Works only with Chrome browser.

See TruClient Lite

Improvements to interactive script development:

  • Control actions during recording. See Record a TruClient Script.
  • Ability to skip Wait steps during script replay. See Insert Wait Steps in Debug Scripts.
  • Ability to disable the Watch panel from the Interactive Options tab of the General Settings.

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Browser version support added:

  • Chromium 46
  • Firefox 40.0.3
  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11

Internet Explorer 9 is no longer supported.

TruClient Chromium support added for:

  • NV Emulation integration
  • NV Analytics Report in VuGen
  • speed simulation, available under Network on the Run-Time Settings tab of the General Settings.
  • IP Spoofing
  • HP Diagnostics integration

TruClient Internet Explorer:

  • Improved support for Internet Explorer 10 and 11 cache mechanism
  • Stability fixes

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Improvements to step end events

  • New end event – Object Exists
  • Automatic end event per browser
  • Reset automatic end event

For details, see Understanding End Events.

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Improvements to object identification

  • Automatic object identification now includes a built-in fallback mechanism. For details, see Object Identification.
  • Random object identification using Descriptors. For details, see Descriptors.

General improvements:

  • Improved ability to record SAPUI5 applications. Recording is supported with all browsers and with increased usability.
  • Ability to call the parameter’s name directly as an input in the Step Arguments section.
  • Support Continue to next step as additional Action on Error. To select, see under Load on the Run-Time Settings tab of the General Settings .
  • Support for additional VTS (Virtual Table Server) APIs. For details, seeTruClient Functions
  • New Generic API Action step, providing a UI for TruClient JavaScript APIs. Select from the Toobox.
  • Title argument added to Activate Browser Window step, enabling activation of browser window using the window title. For details, see TruClient Step Arguments.
  • Activate tab/window steps now have a retry mechanism with timeout. For details, see TruClient Step Arguments.

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TruClient Standalone:

  • Revamped TruClient Launcher
  • Support for non-zipped script folders
  • Ability to export script to zips containing runtime files only

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